Friday, 9 July 2010

Life's just a bowl of cherries. In summer. In Europe.

I love summer in Europe! Fresh cherries, F. mum’s strawberry cake with whipped cream, rhubarb crumble… Everything tastes so much better. Everything smells so much more intense. Walking along the Baltic cost, staying out until late, having family bonfire night, making own sausage, kitesurfing in Hel, grabbing Corona with a piece of lime in a beach bar, leaving bar at 4 o’clock and walk back home just to enjoy a sunrise… To enjoy life’s simple pleasures. I’m counting down… to all of the tastes of my childhood...

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Friday, 2 July 2010

New Polish Folk Design

In two weeks I will be visiting Poland. I look forward to it so much that I google for things that remind me Poland the most. Like Folk Polish design for exampl. Before moving to Argentina, I had a gorgeous Dia rug on my wish list. Polish folk design was among my favourites.

Moho Design established in 2004 is present at international fairs and competitions, gaining several awards. On my wish list, their Dia rag presented at the exhibition "100% Design” in London, where it was awarded by the Wallpaper Magazine.

SHE lamp! inspired by a traditional folk skirt from Łowicz region. Legs - matt red plexiglas scratch-resistant, glass - foil printed with UV.

Bed linen „Jagienka” designed by a Polish designer Anna Stępkowska Nowak is inspired by folk decoration motives from Łowicz region. It was awarded by Polish edition of the Elle Decoration Magazine

MOWOstudio was founded by Monika Elikowska and Wojciech Opal. Designers specialize in furniture, everyday objects, interiors and commercial spaces have recently carried out a new project - a stool called Beaver job!

The New Folk Design is a cyclical project that aims to build the identity of Polish design based on traditional crafts and folk art through educating young designers about vanishing craftsmanship. A series of workshops for designers were developed to help them to transform tradition into a modern folk design according to the latest global trends. For few years now Polish talented designers are doing a sensation abroad. What makes me really glad, their projects often link to our reach and diverse folklore.