Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Pantone Universe

I simply love Pantone colours! I can never decide which one is my favourite. Pantone is a colour guru, a platform that provides standard color systems to almost all industries, including manufacturing, fashion and design. Pantone is growing and strenghtening it's position in a smart and organic way. It makes me think of how many oportunities the Polaroid waisted.
The Pantone brand is happily expanding its family and now the Pantone Universe also includes:

A cheerfull Pantone Hotel on Brussels’ Louise Avenue - the building features 59 rooms celebrating the brand’s iconic colors. On a rooftop lounge Pantone-colored cocktails are served, and you also can find a  store selling trademark company products.  

Seavees 09/63 PANTONE Sneaker Collection available in seven vintage colors from the original Pantone color guide - epitomizes the cool, casual style of California in 1963.

 Sonia Spencer Accessories Collection - Stainless Steel and Enamel Cufflinks and Key Rings Based on the Iconic PANTONE Chip Design.

Kitchenware Collection by Typhoon - include textiles, shopping trolleys, storage jars, mugs and salt and pepper mills.

Pantone Mugs by W2

Design items by Seletti

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