Monday, 28 February 2011

Drinking the Stars Is Why I Love Champagne

Beyond all the wonderful things my boyfriend did for my birthday, he made a champagne cork pop up for me the other night.  The bubbles! I love bubbles! Rising charmingly in every glass of champagne, the infinite streams of tiny perfect bubbles, running upwards like they don’t want to be late for some appointment. I am drinking the stars! cried Dom Perignon on his first sip of champagne. Champagne might indeed taste like the stars - or like the star dust maybe - but  it will always represent the whole underwater world captured in a single champagne glass aquarium. Remainding me of the ocean, the beach, diving, and the freedom. It's the hapiness. And quite oposite, the infinit, and the silence of the soul.

How that would feel to drink champagne from the Varga's Pacifica crystal champagne flute? Exquisitely detailed images of Starfish, Medusa, Seahorse, Shell, Octopus, and Shellfish decorate each glass. Varga Art Crystal is a tribute to the timeless elegance of Hungarian craftsmanship. Each hand-cut stem or is individually signed by hand.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Heart Has Its Reasons

I stumbled upon this cute drawing today morning. There’s something deep about it I couldn’t ignore. You just keep looking at it and you’re thinking: Does it apply to me?

Monday, 21 February 2011

Victoria Beckham fall 2011 collection at NYFW

 Victoria Beckham proves she's more than a celebrity trendsetter. Now she's also a designer. Her fall 2011 collection presented at New York Fashion Week is sophisticated and chic. Classy cocktail dresses look modern and comfortable to wear. Some of them I would even wear to work. Gorgeous long boots are the result of Beckham's collaboration with Christian Louboutin. Victoria Beckham obviously improved on her style since the Spice Girls. It’s not another revolutionary high fashion she makes but it’s a reflection on what contemporary women want to wear to feel confident and sexy.

More photos on:

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Inspired me: Neo Patch Bag by Kate Moss

Everybody has some hobby. I make bags. This Saturday I hope to buy leather to make shoulder bags that I designed myself. The design was inspired by an old vintage bag I own. It's spacious, functional, comfortable and it goes well with everything. It's my favourite travel bag and my festival bag, and my everyday bag... It's simply the bag one loves. The second bag collection by Kate Moss for Longchamp inspired me to match different colours and textures... Neo Patch is a vintage, patchwork style bag designed in Kate's favourite colors including graphite gray, jade green and cherry red.

It's wonderful and I love the edgy colour combination! It's truth the design calls attention, but most important it's practical as the colours mach most shoes and clothes - there is no need to change the bag before you leave home; it's light - made of lambskin, lizard and other lighter weight leather pieces. I'm excited to go leather hunting!

And that's the bag that inspired my design:

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