Sunday, 7 November 2010

Baby Carrots - New Junk Food

Would it be possible to sell  baby carrots as a fun, extreme and even sexy snack? - Definitely. „Bunch of Carrot Farmers” - group of almost 50 American carrot producers - adopted advertising techniques usually used by junk food brands to encourage people to eat more carrots. The campaign entitled “Eat ‘Em Like Junk Food”  was created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky . The tactic was based on  belief that ”instead of scrapping fast food ads, health food companies should attempt to play them at their own game, creating exciting, humorous brands with strong youth appeal”. The carrots packed in bright chip-sized bags are sold in school vending machines. Slogans, such as "The original orange doodles" and "Crunchier than chips, orange-ier than cheese puffs" has been incorporated. Advertising includes vibrant billboards and flashy TV spots. The campaign even featured a carrot-crunch-powered iPhone and iPod Touch game, “Xtreme Xrunch Kart,” available as a free download at the iTunes store.

So far, the campaign has been extremely successful.  For Halloween, carrot producers lounched “Scarrots” - single-serve bags of baby carrots, offered in a master bag containing 25 servings in 3 unique designs and 25 temporary glow-in-the-dark tattoos!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Pantone Universe

I simply love Pantone colours! I can never decide which one is my favourite. Pantone is a colour guru, a platform that provides standard color systems to almost all industries, including manufacturing, fashion and design. Pantone is growing and strenghtening it's position in a smart and organic way. It makes me think of how many oportunities the Polaroid waisted.
The Pantone brand is happily expanding its family and now the Pantone Universe also includes:

A cheerfull Pantone Hotel on Brussels’ Louise Avenue - the building features 59 rooms celebrating the brand’s iconic colors. On a rooftop lounge Pantone-colored cocktails are served, and you also can find a  store selling trademark company products.  

Seavees 09/63 PANTONE Sneaker Collection available in seven vintage colors from the original Pantone color guide - epitomizes the cool, casual style of California in 1963.

 Sonia Spencer Accessories Collection - Stainless Steel and Enamel Cufflinks and Key Rings Based on the Iconic PANTONE Chip Design.

Kitchenware Collection by Typhoon - include textiles, shopping trolleys, storage jars, mugs and salt and pepper mills.

Pantone Mugs by W2

Design items by Seletti

Photos from the websites: and

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Mobile Advertising Growing Fast

For the last couple of months my byfriend has been using new widescreen smartphone. And he loves it! Every couple of days he's downloading new applications. He's new mobile petentially makes him a very receptive target for marketers, I thought as I was wathing his enthusiastic reactions to his new mobile wonder. Increasingly important mobile advertising via mobile phones soon will become natural extension of the marketing mix. Smartphone adoption rates are growing and as well range of mobile advertising options, including SMS, WAP, mobile app display ads, search ads, rich media, video and push notifications. Here I posted Eriksson's video about how to successfully adapt mobile advertising into the brand marketing mix.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

"Emergency Exit" Urban portable hole in Venice

The Venice Biennale of Architecture 2010 (29 August – 21 November 2010) is a major architecture exhibition that takes place once every two years in Venice, Italy. The Biennale is an occasion where big-name architects and designers can showcase new projects, arranged in 30 different pavilions, each with different themes. This year Polish Pavilion designed by Agnieszka Kurant and Aleksandra Wasilkowska is called Emergency Exit.

'You climb the seemingly precarious structure. At the height of the summit you look down into a churning sea of clouds. Your breath catches, your pulse quickens; you look down, then out, and then leap blindly into the void. . .’

The installation Emergency Exit seeks to go beyond the logic of urban reality through the creation of ‘urban portable holes’... Through the jump - the transfer, people fill in the gaps with their own emotions, ideas and desires.
The Polish Pavilion acts as a laboratory within which Emergency Exit engages with the public directly to provoke, inspire and excite... These actions will be documented and then presented within the Pavilion.


Monday, 30 August 2010

Swedish summer escape destination

Among all the things I love most in life - I love Swedish summer! Summer days in Sweden are long and warm and charming... Most of  Swedes spend at least part of  their summer in traditional log cabins located along the vast coast line or on the shores of a tranqil lakes. The one that belongs to F.'s familly is probably the most luxourus place on earth if, just like me,  you consider luxury a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the large city far from civilisation. During the long summer days we experience the midnight sun, savour the natural silence and enjoy the relaxing sound of water lapping on the shore. Just a familly and friends spending time together, sailing, swimming, sunbathing on the rocks, sitting around the table, chating, cooking, eating, playing games, reading... Oh dear I miss Swedish summer!

Stockholm-based Sommarnöjen is a company with the tagline of “Small house. Great architects.” Here are few examples of their works. More can be found on

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Be positive!

One thing is driving me crazy... but you know what... I'm trying to be positive, not to loose control... at least over this weekend.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Made in Poland - INGLOT Cosmetics

With today blog I want to start a series MADE IN POLAND about Polish brands and products that I miss the most while my travelling and living abroad. About brands with Polish origins that are expanding on the international markets and Polish brands with a great potential to once become successful abroad.
Just like Polish make-up brand INGLOT Cosmetics. I never leave the Warsaw Frederik Chopin airport without INGLOT’s nail enamels (my favourite no 082) and a bunch of sleeks lip glosses packed in a funny lab-like vials or samplers. And they smell really good! Nail treatment products is a must too. And there’s probably not even one Polish woman without INGLOT eye shadows. INGLOT has one of the most extensive color ranges of  make-up cosmetic  in the world and can easly compete with such known brands as MAC cosmetics. When being on a budget you can fill up your MAC eyeshadow palette with INGLOT pans.
What I find important is INGLOT products are high quality, safe, not tasted on animals and reasonably priced (really good value). What's more, all of them are produced in the European Union and over 95% of them in INGLOT’s own manufacturing facilities in Poland - they are all Fair Trade products than.

INGLOT store in NY; Photo: Tom McCavera
INGLOT is a Polish-based cosmetics company established 20 years ago with over 250 stores in Europe, Canada, Australia, Dubai, and Asia. Last year INGLOT opened their first store in New York City’s Times Square.
INGLOT offers a rainbow of hues of lipsticks and gloss, shadows, blushes, cover-up, mascara and pencils that are mesmerizing. Probably INGLOT’s flagship product is the “Freedom System”, a collection of more than three billion color combinations, allowing happy clients to assemble a palette of their own color preferences. This encurages mixing and matching and customizing to your make-up preferences, including palette sizes and shapes, choosing between round, rectangular or square pans in a compact. It's a Make-up Heaven!


Monday, 23 August 2010

BoConcept's Cool Cup competition - 3 Polish winners!

3 out of 6 new and promissing BoConcept designers that won the Cool 'Collectors item' cup competition are Polish. The competition to become the next BoConcept designer terminated last December. 6 winning cups has been chosen by the BoConcept jury from the total 13.554 cup designs uploaded to the competition on the website.
3 out of 6 promising new designers are Polish: Katarzyna Pastuszak, Marta Wołyniec and Daria Wawrzkiewicz. 3 others are: Fabián Ortiz (Columbia), Marry Schroers (USA), Lucie Válková (Czech Republic). 6 elected cups were put into production and will be available next month in BoConcept Stores all over the world.

Designers were inspired by (from the left in the photo):
Katarzyna Pastuszak: the beautiful pattern of the Iris flower
Fabián Ortiz: pixels
Marta Wołyniec: folk art and patterns of the Łowicz region
Marry Schroers: a peacock
Lucie Válková: 'The New Year's Eve mood. A night spent with friends, hot chocolate, board games and champagne gave me the perfect motivation for my design!'
Daria Wawrzkiewicz: 'Drops of violet from very dark to very light, fading. In this case violet brings a feeling of warmth. Joy of life - moment of delight.'


Saturday, 21 August 2010

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

EURO 2012 Tournament Identity

Euro 2012, the European Football Championship, will be hosted by Poland and Ukraine from 8 June to 1 July 2012. Obviously, as Polish I’m enthusiastic about such a big event being co-organised in my country. However I’m also very emotional about the tournament’s logo design and its brand identification.
Official logo and brand identity were created by Portuguese agency Brandia Central.

The following is excerpted from the UEFA website.
Visual identity
The purpose of the logo is to give UEFA EURO 2012™ a personality of its own, with the visual identity to be applied across a range of promotional applications from tickets to web banners. The objective is to help promote the tournament – one of the world’s biggest sporting events – by providing an easily recognisable identity with a flavour of the host nations. The logo takes its visual lead from ‘wycinanka’, the traditional art of paper cutting practised in rural areas of Poland and Ukraine, as a tribute to the fauna and flora of the region.

EURO bloom
The ‘bloom’ logo has a flower representing each of the co-host nations and a central ball symbolising the emotion and passion of the competition, while the stem denotes the structural aspect of the competition, UEFA and European football. Nature has inspired other features of the visual identity, with woodland green, sun yellow, aqua blue, sky blue and blackberry purple being the crucial tones of the palette of colours to figure in official tournament branding.

Uniting ethos
The event slogan, meanwhile, is ‘Creating History Together’. The staging of the UEFA European Championship finals in Poland and Ukraine, a first for Central and Eastern Europe, will have a place in the history books, with everyone involved in UEFA EURO 2012™ – organisers, host countries, host cities, players and fans – contributing to another exciting chapter of European football.

On a Cannes Lions International site I found this project’s applications for this year Cannes Lion Award . We read there:

Description of how you arrived at the final design:
The starting point was blending Wycinanki, a common art form in both hosting countries, and football. The result is an identity which is original, genuine and has a powerful message: Make football grow in every way.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market:
Success in the market: - The work that was developed so far for the logo and visual identity of the UEFA EURO 2012 is very bold and represents a major breakthrough in these type of events. Many top design publications and personalities have shown an interest in what we did and gave us praise for it. Both host countries and UEFA are very excited about the brand and people around the world, football fans and others, have embraced it.

In the host countries though, the logo design has got lots of criticism. In Ukraine they say, it brings up an association with the “chupa-chups” lollipops. Polish fans are complaining about the colours of the “Polish flower”. They say it is necessary to swap the colours on it, because on the Polish flag white goes first and red is after it. It is also not enough Polish as this form of Wycinanki incorporated into logo has Ukrainian origins.

To me, incorporating Wycinanki (Papercuts) into logo design was a good direction and really great idea. But its interpretation is too much literal. It could look much more sophisticated. In present form the logo looks more like an illustration and it’s too detailed.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Inspired by Sweden

Camomile field was first to welcome me in my first Swedish summer morning. Swedish countryside always charms me. As well as Swedish delightful interior design. Balanced and natural, conscious, proud, minimalistic, standing-out yet fitting so well... luminous. But delightful. I had a month vacation from blogging but now I’m back from Europe, with new images and new ideas in my head to share. I always feel inspired by nature, it’s simplicity, peace and perfection. And probably for that reason Swedish design is one of my favourite. There is more Scandinavian design to come up next…

Friday, 9 July 2010

Life's just a bowl of cherries. In summer. In Europe.

I love summer in Europe! Fresh cherries, F. mum’s strawberry cake with whipped cream, rhubarb crumble… Everything tastes so much better. Everything smells so much more intense. Walking along the Baltic cost, staying out until late, having family bonfire night, making own sausage, kitesurfing in Hel, grabbing Corona with a piece of lime in a beach bar, leaving bar at 4 o’clock and walk back home just to enjoy a sunrise… To enjoy life’s simple pleasures. I’m counting down… to all of the tastes of my childhood...

All photos from

Friday, 2 July 2010

New Polish Folk Design

In two weeks I will be visiting Poland. I look forward to it so much that I google for things that remind me Poland the most. Like Folk Polish design for exampl. Before moving to Argentina, I had a gorgeous Dia rug on my wish list. Polish folk design was among my favourites.

Moho Design established in 2004 is present at international fairs and competitions, gaining several awards. On my wish list, their Dia rag presented at the exhibition "100% Design” in London, where it was awarded by the Wallpaper Magazine.

SHE lamp! inspired by a traditional folk skirt from Łowicz region. Legs - matt red plexiglas scratch-resistant, glass - foil printed with UV.

Bed linen „Jagienka” designed by a Polish designer Anna Stępkowska Nowak is inspired by folk decoration motives from Łowicz region. It was awarded by Polish edition of the Elle Decoration Magazine

MOWOstudio was founded by Monika Elikowska and Wojciech Opal. Designers specialize in furniture, everyday objects, interiors and commercial spaces have recently carried out a new project - a stool called Beaver job!

The New Folk Design is a cyclical project that aims to build the identity of Polish design based on traditional crafts and folk art through educating young designers about vanishing craftsmanship. A series of workshops for designers were developed to help them to transform tradition into a modern folk design according to the latest global trends. For few years now Polish talented designers are doing a sensation abroad. What makes me really glad, their projects often link to our reach and diverse folklore.