Wednesday, 6 April 2011

'Hello Boys' Billboard Voted Most Iconic Ad

The Wonderbra's 'Hello Boys' billboard was voted most iconic ad image ever in a poll carried out by the Outdoor Media Centre, the British trade body for outdoor advertising. After Wonderbra had unveiled the campaign with Eva Herzigowa in 1994 it was acclaimed  a taraffic-stopper and I can imagine how much aditional buzz marketing it produced! It mast have been brilliant and effective campaing!
The Outdoor Media Centre has teamed up with Campaign magazine to identify the best 100 posters of all time. Over 10, 700 Brits voted for their favourite billboards and here are the selected:

The Top Ten British Ads Ever
1. Hello Boys/Eva Herzigova (Wonderbra, 1994)
2. Labour Isn't Working (Conservative Party, 1978)
3. Lord Kitchener Wants You (Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, 1914)
4. His Master's Voice (The Gramophone Company, 1901)
5. Management trainee aged 42 (The Economist, 1991)
6. Pregnant Man (The Health Education Council, 1969)
7. Araldite (Ciba Geigy, 1983)
8. Think Different (Apple, 2003)
9. Beanz Meanz Heinz (Heinz, 1966)
10. Dumb Animals (Greenpeace)

Click here if you'd like to see the winning ads.

Source: Daily Mail