Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Polyvore - playing paper dolls or Vogue's fashion editor?

Last week I had a paper dolls story. Today - Polyvore, internet fashion and shopping platform, IS a lot like playing paper dolls but with pictures of real clothes. Or better, playing Vogue's fashion editor with so much more fun! You can spend hours working on your unique fashion collage, flicking through images of millions of clothing items, shoes, bags and accessories. You drag and drop items until you decide your set is ready, than you can e-mail it to a friend, post it on your Facebook, Twitter, blog or share it with the Polyvore fashion community and let them judge your personal style and taste. Feel free to judge mine. My set is here beneath:

Within 3 years, the site grew from 0 to 1.4 million registered users. Over 6 million unique visitors makes Polyvore the largest fashion community site consisting of trendsetters, shoppers and amateur stylists who put together thirty thousand sets a day and post them on all sorts of social networking sites. That buzz helps to score 140 million page views per month.
So what is Polyvore? It’s an innovating online shopping experience that facilitates mixing and matching products from any online store to create fashion collections. In fact it’s an outstanding e-commerce, merchandising and marketing tool that inspires millions of enthusiastic people like me:) It opens new ways of communicating with global fashion-oriented and fashion-forward consumers. It’s an excellent tool for monitoring fashion trends and spotting new talents. As a prove, in 2009 Polyvore entered partnerships with brands including Calvin Klein, Marc by Marc Jacobs,Gap, Lancome and Nike among others. Nike, for example, frequently host fashion contests for best fashion sets that include one particular Nike clothing item. It usually generates 2000 - 6000 contest entries. The prizes are worth $100 gift card.
Here I posted few rndom communty members' sets. Check them out:

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