Monday, 21 June 2010

New York High Dramatic Range Images

For quite sometime now I'm amazed by HDR (High Dynamic Range) architecture photography . I used to work in Real Estate Consultancy and one of my colleague, a graphic designer, was a passionate architecture photographer. He used to make HDR magic. High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a term used when speaking of images and image processing that makes images look like viewed through 3D glasses. You can use the processing carefully to create natural looking photos but you can use your creativity to create intense, dramatic and even apocalyptic images. In any case images will be more detail in the highlights and shadows than normal photos. For that reason HDR is popular in architecture photography because architecture requires very deep details, shadows and color range. What's interesting, the film industry uses HDR to create special effects.
I found some New York City HDR photos to share.

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Boston Web Design said...

These images show how important the small details are in conveying a message. These pieces are intensified due to the artistic medium which you chose. The intense and dramatic colors add so much to these images.