Friday, 11 June 2010

Sex Sells !!!

Diesel latest campaign for Spring 2010 is tagged "Sex Sells *Unfortunately We Sell Jeans". Maybe Diesel don’t, but someone else in the fashion industry does sell sex indeed. Designer and movie director Tom Ford is a man. He’s quite a brand building genius I must admit. He’s not just selling cloths, cosmetics and sunglasses, he’s representing and promoting a hedonistic lifestyle. His brand's modern design with sharp, sleek suits, appeals even to my boyfriend. He knows best how to shout for attention using sex and eroticism as an explosive marketing tool. Ford become one of most talked about designers of our times, his biography is impressive. He gave Gucci that famous eternal youth and the mysterious sexuality called the „Gucci sex factor”. In 2005 he created his own brand TOM FORD that became famous for stirring some controversy each time when releasing new ad campaign. His collaboration with a provocative photographer Terry Richardson resulted in “various fashion-forward, decadently deviant photographs”. And in 2008, Tom Ford outfitted gorgious Daniel Craig as James Bond in Quantum of Solace! Who can resist hot, steamy eroticism?! Sex truly Sells?


carly said...

I´m not sure that I like that photo with the 5 guys standing around the girl who is being held down, it conjures something more than sex. Sex is one thing, but do we want to keep reinforcing the objectification of women? I think Tom Ford needs to get more creative, because thats how its always been throughout history. For someone who is indeed a visionary, why not try something new?

Cashewnut said...

Point taken. When I write Tom Ford's brand building genius, it doesn't necesarry mean I agree with all what he does. He's a gay, over 15 years in a relationship with the same man, he's controversial and he knows how to play it. The D&G shot is perfectly composed, it's intriguing, the woman is not a victim there. She's desired and sophisticated. And it speaks to D&G's clients. Those girls in power, with money, achievers, wanna-bes... And Tom Ford knows it. He creats world of mouth around the campaign ad he pushes the limits of a good taste. And we are here to judge him. So far, he made it successful.