Friday, 23 April 2010

Home full of books

As long as a house has books on the shelves and art on the walls, it’s a home.
I love books. Reading, looking at them, smelling, keeping them. I blieve books can give an insight into an owner's character. They reflect an aspect of personality that people don’t easily see. I like to snoop around at what other people have in their shelves. I’m suspicious of people who don’t have books. When I visit someone’s home for the first time, I always scan their bookshelves for anything that might be of my interest. I like to look over my books too and think of on which occasion I bought them, where I read them, who gave them to me, what mood I was in when I read certain books. Many books become part of my life. They bring peace of mind, calm my soul. Surrounded by books I don’t feel alone. When you travel a lot, you’re becoming selective. You buy and store only those books that you really like, and they travel with you wherever you go. I like the smell of a new book but I like the smell of an old book even more. I love bookshelves too. Books are part of my daily life, a decor element that I enjoy looking at.

I fell in love in a READ bookshelves hat I found in NK Shopping Gallery in Stockholm. The bookshelf is designned by two Swedes, Jenny Askenfors and Sofia Ehrengren. It comes in four different letters R, E, A, D.

Reinier de Jong designed an extending bookcase. The zigzag shaped parts slide in and out of each other, providing as much space as needed.

Milan, Italy - Nobody & Co.'s Bibliochaise, a literal armchair library "for those who like to be immersed in deep reading". The chair can house up to five linear meters of books.

Maria Jasko's nature inspired bookshelves:

Few more inspiring projects:

Finally, solution for small interiors: bookshelves in stairs and a bookshelf wall paper.

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