Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Gaultier’s Journey through the world of fashion inspirations

Absolutely Brilliant and Exciting. Jean Paul Gaultier’s Journey through the world of design and inspiration: from Russia, Scandinavia, Turkey via China, Algeria, Morocco to Mexico and Peru. His Fall 2010/11 melting pot collection presented on Paris Fashion Week was simply astonishing. The mix of folkloristic inspirations form the 4 corners of the globe, the fusion of fabrics and colours was breathtaking. It went far beyond the fashion. It was well-directed runway art show: the design of invitations for the show was map of France in which all the provinces were named after countries with their immigrant populations; there was cross-cultural live orchestra playing the background music on violins, African drums, Turkish trumpet among other uncommon instruments. The cloths: beautiful trenches, jackets, casual furs and military coats combined with Greek and Gipsy skirts, Peruvian tunics, silk Chinese dresses and shirts, and baggy harem trousers made of jogging sweat fabric and other of jeans; accessorised with Scandinavian socks, African-print turbans, neon tights, Massai necklaces, cowboy shoes and who knows what else. What's most fascinating that in it's core, it’s an upscale streetwear collection. Many items alone are gorgeous: harem deep blue sweat suit, trenches, jackets and coats, jumpers, neon bright tights, stockings.

“Invitation au voyage” is the message behind the collection, but no doubt it’s another way to market it and sell too. The way I see it though: We travel across the world, we live in a global village, we observe, we learn, exceptionally we became passionate about novelties we come across with and we apply into our lives what we believe suits us. In this context, it’s an ultra modern, colourful and reach fashion collection.

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