Sunday, 4 April 2010

A Mother, A Housewife, A Lover... Stereotypes of woman in TV commercials

Increased television viewings is associated with more stereotypical views, especially of gender. For heavy viewers, television replace other sources of information and ideas. Looking at stereotype of woman in TV commercials: a happy housewife, a mother, a skinny teenage-looking girl promoting anti-aging products… all that stereotypes can have a negative influence on women themselves, and many claim that the sexist stereotypes imprison women even more.
On the other hand, TV commercials use and simplify already existing stereotypes about the relationships between woman and men and the position of both genders in the culture.

Some are more enjoyable (BTL de Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi para Andes beer)...

some less ... (TV commercial of Brahma beer)...

Sex sells products and it’s a common knowledge possessed by advertising specialists, by artists and by everyone responding to this sort of commercials. No ones is a saint. But it can be done tastefully and creativelly.

some are not enjoyable at all... (Fernet Cinzano)

It’s worth to think about the issue. Argentine high context, masculine culture is given as an example – take a look at the enjoyable TV commercials and watch a documentary by San Telmo Production telling the story of a group of young girls from the Buenos Aires’ slum Villa 31 who use soccer to learn how to go from victims to champions. That’s real life.

Here are some more TV ads:

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