Friday, 7 May 2010

Polaroid LOVE

Everyone must remember Polaroid instant photos. My first Polaroid memory is a photo of me taken when I was 5 sitting on Santa’s lap. Polaroid is magic. I love it’s softness, imperfections, incompleteness, nostalgia. It’s like a moment, a memory that you just caught, and you will always remember it exactly this way. The sound when you press the shutter button. The anticipation for the result, the surprise… it’s personal. You made a memory tangible. The will not be any more reprints. You are the artist. This one photo is what you get. No more repetitions. It’s life. It’s real.

For Polaroid fans who don’t have Polaroid camera, I recommend familiarise yourself with Poladroid™ application. You can easily create high resolution Polaroid-like pictures from your digital photo. All you have to do is to download Poladroid™ application start it, than drag and drop your photo. You will even hear the typical shutter sound and you will need to wait for the picture.

I converted my regular digital photos taken in Rio de Janeiro with Poladroid and facebook them. Got a good feedback from my friends.

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