Tuesday, 18 May 2010

World's Most Glamorous Clubs

I need some excitement. I wish I could glam my day a bit tonight. I wish I sparkled again. Dancing. Feeling fabulous. Feeling like the world is mine... Instead I'm at home with my laptop, covered with blanket, googling for clubs I should've been heading to by now. Check out this upmarket venues I wish I could escape to once: 

My House is a Los Angeles nightclub designed by Dodd Mitchell. The club’s décor remind you of an upscale house party held in someone’s private home. This place must make you feel special. I love the idea of a nightclub where guests feel comfortable, sitting on nice soft sofas, surrounded by luxurious designers' objects.

San Francisco’s Gitane is an eclectic club designed by Mr. Important, the interior design firm specializing in creating indelible restaurant, nightclub, retail and nightlife experiences. Mr.Important derived their inspiration from the complexity of art, music and design of gypsy culture. It manifest itself in an extensive palette of colours, textures and objects and constructs an "ordered" chaos atmosphere. The ambient is full of emotions, of nostalgia, romantism and passion.

Fabulous Vanity Club, also by Mr. Important, is located in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Luxurious design, plentitude of fine textures, surfaces and colours brings to my mind an adults-only amusement park. It’s theatrical and fabulous.

Absolut Icebar London is the world’s second permanent icebar (afer Stockholm's). The bar located on vibrant Heddon Street, has become one of the London's coolest hot spots with the temperature -5°C all year round. Entire interior is built by natural frozen Swedish Torne River ice – from the walls, bar, stools, to the artwork and the ‘glasses’ in which the drinks are served “in the rocks”. The ice design is changed annually and leading designers are invited to create experimental ice interiors.

Fabryka Trzciny Art Center is located in an 1916 old brick marmalade factory, on the right bank of Vistula river in Warsaw, Poland. It’s one of the oldest post-industrial buildings in Warsaw and it merges tradition with avant-garde architecture and modern surroundings. It consists of a performance hall, bar and nigh club, theatre and a restaurant. The architects were Bogdan Kulczyński. It's like piece of New York in Central Europe. Slightly edgy yet fabulous. Fabryka is not blinking and shining but surprisingly it seduces you too.

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