Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Polaroid's FAILURE

Polaroid founded in 1937 is one of the great iconic 20th century brands. Thanks to photos developed in your hands a while after the photo was taken, the Polaroid personality became “live for the moment” sort of brand. Unfortunately it’s also known as a failure band. Polaroid lose in touch with their customer and its market since the technology were shifting more rapidly than ever before. Other day I read “Polaroid could have been a major force in digital photography today... They just never went there.”
In 2001 Polaroid bankrupted and in 2008 closed their instant film factory. This spring the Polaroid Corporation is about to sell their unique collection of nearly 1300 photographs (out of 16,000) most of them taken by Andy Warhol and Chuck Close.

There are hundred thousands of Polaroid cameras still in use, stored on garage shelves, or put on sale on eBay, that could’ve never been used again. Fortunately a group called The Impossible Project decided to restart production of the actual film at a factory in Amsterdam. They re-engineered from the beginning the expensive instant film. Each piece of film is its own dark room. It has 6 distinct layers and it’s made up of 6 to 10 components, each of which must be used very precisely. It was indeed the Impossible Project.

View online Andy Warhol's Polaroids at the Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York. In this post you find a selection of my personal favorites.
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