Saturday, 1 May 2010

Swedish Crystal Design

Since I saw this intriguing Bertil Vallien’s crystal sculpture in one of Stockholm’s museums I became fond of Swedish glass handcraft. This art work is magical to me. I have no idea how it's possible to achieve this spectacular optical effect in glass. Must be sort of magic, right? Although Bertil Vallien is probably one of the best and most famous glass artists in the world today, I realized there are more tallented Swedish designers who make artistic glass that is sold and displayed at galleries around the world.
Two biggest glass factories have an exciting history - Kosta was founded in 1742 and Orrefors 1898. The heart of the business is the Kingdom of Crystal in the province of Småland. Among standardised products like bowls, vases and glasses, you can get limited edition objects and pieces of glass art. My very favourite are “Make up”  limited series by glass artist Åsa Jungnelius. I adore her oversized, almost half meter high, colourful nail polish bottles and lipstick sculptures. Her works are fun and cover subject like fashion, shopping, decadence, consumerism.
Åsa Jungnelius also designed perfume flacons for Agonist fragrance brand. Agonistis a Nordic fragrance brand inspired by the melancholy and beauty of film, poetry and literature from Bergman, Boye and Garbo and other iconized characters from Swedish Culture.

One more decadent piece by Asa Jungelious:

I also found this gorgeous crystal handbag designed by Lena Bergström for Orrefors. A limited edition of 100, only for looking not wearing accessory will cost you $700.

Fashion Soup, Designer: Kjell Engman

Ducks , Designer: Ernst Billgren

You can download Kosta Boda 2010 Collection by clicking here.

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